GPT4 Can Write Cleaner React Code Than You Do!


Let’s put GPT4 to the test and see if it can write cleaner code than we do and see if it Refactors our Legacy React code into cleaner code and follows SOLID principles. The results were mind-blowing 🤯

👀 Watch the SOLID principles video to better understand how they work!

⭐ Timestamps ⭐
00:00 Intro
02:16 SRP – GPT4 – Single Responsibility Principle
06:28 OCP – GPT4 – Open-Closed Principle
07:45 LSP – GPT4 – Liskov Substitution Principle
09:13 ISP – GPT4 – Interface Segregation Principle
10:39 DIP – GPT4 – Dependency Inversion Principle

⚡️ S.O.L.I.D Principles implementation in React ✨

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