Next.js 14 Admin Dashboard Tutorial | Fullstack Next.js 14 Project with Server Actions

Next.js 14 app with new server actions, Next-auth and MongoDB.
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00:00 Introduction
03:30 Installation
05:21 Next.js 14 Folder Structure, Layouts, Styles
16:15 Next.js Sidebar Design
28:17 Next.js Navbar Design
35:00 Next.js Dashboard Design
48:05 Next.js Animated Chart Component
52:25 Rightbar Design
01:02:07 Users and Products Page Design
01:18:30 Add New User and Product Page Design
01:29:12 Single User and Product Page Design
01:39:21 Login Page Design
01:46:37 Next.js MongoDB Tutorial
01:57:23 Next.js 14 How to Fetch Data? (Next.js 14 Data Fetching)
02:06:45 Next.js 14 Search Functionality (How to Search and Fetch Item Using URL Query)
02:15:42 Next.js 14 Pagination (How to Fetch Item with Pagination Using URL Query)
02:30:25 Next.js 14 Server Actions Tutorial
02:44:45 Next.js 14 Delete Item and Revalidate the Fetched Data
02:49:35 Next.js 14 Update Item with Server Actions
02:55:29 Next.js 14 Authentication with Server Actions
03:00:00 Next.js 14 Next-Auth Protected Route with Middleware
03:07:00 Next.js 14 Login Form with Server Actions
03:10:43 Next.js 14 Next-Auth How to Add Different Data to Session?
03:15:50 useFormState Hook Tutorial (Next.js Server Actions Error Handling)
03:22:45 How to Deploy a Next.js 14 App to a VPS Server?
03:30:46 Outro