Primavera P6 Full Course | How to Create Project,EPS,WBS,Currency,Calendar to Project | PPM | Oracle

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Primavera P6 Full Course Start To End |How to Create Project, EPS, WBS, Currency, Calendar & Activity, Assign to Project | PPM | Oracle

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Table Of Content :-
00:00 Introduction
03:00 How to Create Enterprise Project Structure(EPS)
03:48 How to Create Project
06:48 What is Gantt Chart
07:36 How to Create WBS
12:04 How to Create Activity and Assign to Project
12:18 Group and Sort
18:10 Original Duration/Start, Finish Date
20:42 How to Assign Calendar To Activity
24:15 How to Assign Relationships To Activity
27:50 Chart View
29:42 How to Assign Schedule
34:10 Bar Chart
34:50 How to Create Resources and Assign/Add Resource to Project
42:08 How to Add Columns, To View Total Cost
44:00 Tracking/Updating
46:10 How to Create S-Curve in Project
48:00 How to Create Report Generation in Project
54:20 How to Change Timescale in Bar chart
56:26 Customize Activity Details
57:45 User Preferences
59:05 How to Create Units of Measure


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