React Query Tutorial for Beginners vs Redux, Axios with CRUD Example

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In this React Query tutorial for beginners, we will build a CRUD example app and compare React Query vs Redux, Axios, and RTK Query as API access layers. React Query is easy to apply to React JS apps.

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React Query Tutorial for Beginners vs Redux, Axios with CRUD Example

(00:00) Intro
(00:34) Welcome
(00:45) React Query vs Axios
(01:02) React Query vs Redux
(01:26) React Query vs RTK Query Part 1
(01:51) Starter Code and Dependencies
(04:03) index.js
(06:19) Axios API instance and methods
(10:04) Queries and Mutations
(15:10) Applying a mutation
(16:22) New item section
(17:12) Conditional rendering values
(19:14) JSON server
(20:10) Checking the app
(21:03) React Query Devtools
(22:01) Update and delete mutations
(23:24) Transform data with a selector
(25:02) Final Verdict: React Query vs RTK Query

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