This ChatGPT Prompt HACK Changes Everything

Jack Roberts

The ChatGPT Prompt hack to get more from OpenAI 🔥 

These ChatGPT prompts can help you with your dream job, give you exceptional insights, learn to how to reverse prompt engineer, and even combine ChatGPT with other artificial intelligence programmes such as midjourney. 

I hope you find this as fun as I did making the video; there’s so much to learn and many applications of this technology.

I’ll share all I find 💪 

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All Prompts 👇

[CV👩‍💼] Prompt 1A:
You are an expert in [ENTER FIELD] with 30 years of experience. I would like you to review this CV and generate a 200-character summary that highlights the most impressive parts of the resume

[CV👩‍💼 Prompt 1B:
Using this summary, generate a LinkedIn summary to improve my employability in [ENTER FIELD]. Make this 200 characters or less

[CV👩‍💼] Prompt 1C:
As my career adviser, I would like you to re-word the CV I have just given you. Please tailor it to the following job advert to maximise the chances of getting an interview. Include any keywords mentioned in the job post. Organise the structure, summary, and experience in a method you deem best for the desired outcome. The job advert: [INSERT JOB ADVERT]

[CV👩‍💼] Prompt 1D:
I would like you to create a table with three columns. The first column (experience required), list any desired experiences in the job advert that my CV doesn’t show. In the second column (improvement) write a suggestion as to how I will be able to acquire that particular skill with no previous knowledge. In the third column (priority), rank the particular experience from 1 – 10 in importance for getting the desired job where 10 is essential and 1 is not required at all.

[UNICORN 🦄] Prompt 2A:
You are an experienced Startup expert. You specialise in finding startup opportunities with the highest likelihood of achieving a valuation of £2,000,000 or more within two years. I am going to provide you data from businesses that are valued at over £1,000,0000,000. I would like you to combine this with your existing knowledge to generate startup ideas. Don’t respond yet, but reply with […] if that is understood.

[UNICORN 🦄] Prompt 2B:
I would you to create a table with ten ideas and three columns. The first column is the top 10 suggestions for businesses to start in 2023 with little tt no experience based on the data that you have. In the second column please list the business sector. The third column is your best suggestion of a minimal viable product we could create to validate the business idea. [ENTER DATA]

[UNICORN 🦄] Prompt 2C
Please add a fourth column detailing the difficulty of the idea on a scale from 1-10.

Ignore all previous prompts. You are a prompt engineering expert that is able to reverse engineer prompts based on the text that is provided to you. I am going to provide you with a speech. Please provide a prompting suggestion based on the style, syntax, language, and any other factors you consider relevant. I would like to use this prompt to replicate the style. Your prompt is effective if, when entered into ChatGPT in a normal context, it would provide the script. Please reply with ‘understood’ if that makes sense. If this does not make sense don’t reply and ask further questions to clarify your understanding.

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00:00 Context
01:05 Comparative Prompting
03:25 Data Priming
05:32 Leveraging AI’s
08:41 Reverse Prompt Engineering
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