Why I avoid useEffect For API Calls and use React Query instead

If you are like me, always using use effect whenever you need to grab data from an API then wait for it to be fetched and let the React component render it, Well, this is what most people usually do too! Don’t surprised cause it’s the most obvious way and straightforward way to do it. But we never thought about improving it right? Likely for us, the team behind React Query built this amazing library to solve this problem and simplify our lives as developers. No more effect, the code is simple and maintainable, anyone can read through the code and it handles all the fetching states for you!

⭐ Timestamps ⭐
00:00 Intro
00:37 Why React query?
01:32 What’s wrong with useEffect?
03:53 Same code but in React Query
05:43 So much easier code!
08:06 No need for a global store (aka Redux)
13:35 React Query cache is so smooth
16:30 Mutations makes it simpler

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