3 Ways Combine .NET MAUI and .NET MAUI Blazor Hybrid

Gerald Versluis

Using .NET MAUI elements in your Blazor Hybrid app… It can be done! In this video I will show you three different ways on how to combine .NET MAUI controls like a barcode scanner or Maps inside of your .NET MAUI Blazor/Blazor Hybrid application.

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🔗 Links
Sample code repository: https://github.com/jfversluis/MauiMixBlazorSample

⏱ Timestamps
0:00 – Blazor Hybrid + .NET MAUI = ❤️
0:23 – What is Blazor Hybrid? And .NET MAUI?
2:04 – Combining Blazor and .NET MAUI Full Pages
8:38 – Navigate to .NET MAUI Page From Blazor Hybrid
15:18 – Scan Barcodes with .NET MAUI Popups!
22:45 – What Do You Want To Learn Next?

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