AI + YouTube = Money? 5 FREE AI Tools that Prove It! (ChatGPT + Canva + CapCut)

Jamil Velji

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πŸ”₯ AI + YouTube = Profit? πŸ”₯ Ever wondered if it’s possible to make money on YouTube without showing your face? Today, I’ll take you behind the scenes and reveal how one channel is pulling in over $13,000 a month using faceless videos created with AI! The best part? You can replicate this method using 5 FREE tools in just 10-15 minutes per video. Dive in!

πŸ›  Tools Used in This Video:
βœ… ChatGPT – One of the most powerful AI tools for content creation. Use it to script your videos, answer questions, and more.
βœ… Canva – Design stunning visuals and thumbnails without any design experience.
βœ… CapCut – A simple yet powerful video editing tool to bring your stories to life.

πŸ“· Stock Media Sites:



πŸ‘‰ ChatGPT Prompt #1 Used in this Video:
Name 10 animals that would be interesting enough to make a video on

πŸ‘‰ ChatGPT Prompt #2 Used in this Video:
Write me 90 words about # that highlights the most interesting things about them as if you were speaking to someone who has no idea what that animal is.


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