Blast off with Blazor! 🚀 – Supercharged Enterprise UIs using AntDesign with Luke Parker

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Blazor is taking the hobbyist world by storm, but did you know it is perfect for enterprise applications? Having the whole project in one place in one language has done wonders for the development experience. However, as new tech in its perceived infancy there are doubts about whether it’s aged enough for production scenarios. This is where AntBlazor comes to the rescue! It is a comprehensive set of enterprise-class UI components, built with a focus on ease-of-use.

In this talk, Luke demonstrates how the popular open-source component libraries work, with insightful comparisons and demonstrations.

While many are complete wrappers around their underlying design frameworks (Bootstrap, Material Design, etc.), they are built around the idea of matching the UI, instead of worrying about the developer’s UX.

AntBlazor is fully supported by the .NET Foundation and boasts an impressive following. The best part is the awesome documentation and code samples to get you up and running in no time!

0:00 – Introduction
3:11 – Library Comparisons
6:54 – Boilerplate Demo
18:23 – AntDesign Pro Demo
22:44 – TreeView Comparison Demo
34:00 – WeatherForecast Demo
47:08 – UpBlazor Demo
50:51 – UpBlazor Code Change
55:14 – Wrap Up
58:06 – Q&A with Adam Cogan

Link to the demo:

About the speaker:

Luke is a Software Architect at SSW, specialising in .NET and Clean Architecture. He blogs at about difficult or exciting topics for the modern Microsoft developer.

Luke is passionate about the future of web development with .NET through Blazor, and the upcoming unification of UI through MAUI.

Luke loves many stages of the Software Development Lifecycle, having spearheaded all of them for many personal projects, including:​
Source Control
Project Management (e.g. GitHub Issues)
Team Coordination

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