Build and Deploy a Full Stack Blog NextJs + | JavaScript, React

Elena Litvinova — The art of web development

Every web developer dreams about own blog where he/she will be able to share knowledges, own stories, everything whatever she/he wants. In this video we will create a full stack block on technologies and react (next.js). Furthermore at the end of video we will deploy this project with

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😌 Build and Deploy a Modern Full Stack ECommerce React Application with Stripe
😌 date-fns:
😌 React icons:
😌 Sanity client:
😌 Sanity block content to react:
😌 Sanity image-url:
😌 Final example in production:
😌 An useful article about Sanity
😌 Documentation Sanity
😌 Documentation NextJs

00:00 Intro.
04:22 Setup NextJs project
07:55 Setup
13:10 Start with create schema Post
16:00 Copy start project
18:00 Schema for Post: string, text, slug, image, date, block + image
28:19 Validation.
31:00 Publish post
31:50 Groups in schemas
34:10 Create more posts
38:40 Prepare client project: copy components, styles and etc.
42:10 Upload posts and connect with Sanity using getServerSideProps
46:00 sanityClient + imageUrlBuilder
51:10 GROQ language
56:50 Create layouts — cover
58:20 Fill all components with basic information + snippet rafce
01:06:15 Work with section cover: Section, Cover, SocialNetworks, BuyMeCoffee + ScreenEgg
01:16:50 Prepare post layout: Title, PostGrid, Post + Button
01:29:40 Pagination
01:40:25 Create layout for opened post.
01:43:50 getStaticPaths + getStaticProps
01:50:00 Continue layout for opened post: date-fns, sanity block content to react.
01:57:50 meta titles in NextJs (Head).
01:59:35 push to Github + Deploy on Vercel

❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 Final Github Link: