React Node.js Booking App Full Tutorial | MERN Stack Reservation App (JWT, Cookies, Context API)

React Booking / Reservation System tutorial from scratch for beginners. MERN stack hotel reservation app project. React Node.js MongoDB full-stack app using Context API, JWT, custom hooks, and React calendar.

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0:00 Introduction
01:59 Installation
05:27 Node.js MongoDB Connection
11:54 Create Your First API using Node.js
18:07 Node.js MongoDB CRUD Operations
32:40 Node.js Express Understanding Middleware
36:24 Node.js Express Error Handling Best Practice
42:19 Node MongoDB Authentication (Login / Register)
56:47 How to Use JWT with Cookie in Node.js
01:01:45 Node.js JWT Role-Based Authorization Verification
01:13:54 Node MongoDB Model Relations
01:25:28 Installing React App
01:27:44 Node MongoDB How to get Count of Documents
01:32:33 How to Fetch Data using a Custom Hook
01:39:00 React Fetch Data from Node Express API
01:51:21 React Search using a Backend API
01:58:43 Reach Fetch using URL Location
02:02:46 How to Use React Context API
02:14:17 React Login Auth Context API
02:26:33 React Hotel Reservation Component
02:55:48 React Node Admin CRUD Operations
04:48:26 Outro