DevSecOps Roundtable: Why Automation Matters

Chef Software

DevSecOps practices accelerate the pace of digital transformation but introduce new challenges to maintaining security and compliance. Traditional approaches risk slowing software delivery, exacerbating audit pain, and leaving organizations with an incomplete view of security or compliance posture.

Fortunately, there is automation. Automation is a cornerstone component of DevSecOps because it allows Developers, Security, and Operations professionals to efficiently deliver value instead of focusing on error-prone, manual, repetitive work. Code serves as a common source of truth, shared as a common language among the teams and can be used to codify and automate infrastructure configuration, security and compliance.

In this roundtable webinar, Chris Hughes, CISO/Co-Founder at Aquia, Chris Medina – Solution Architect Sr. Manager at Chef and AJ Yawn – Co-Founder and CEO at ByteChek will discuss DevSecOps practices from soup to nuts. Join us to:

Understand what DevSecOps really means
Learn how DevSecOps and Automate can help deliver continuous compliance or security
Explore how DevSecOps practices can impact organizations from different industries

– Chris Hughes (Aquia)
– AJ Yawn (ByteChek)
– Chris Medina (Progress Chef)
– Alan Baptista (Progress Chef)