Flutter Backend | Flutter Laravel Backend PHP | Flutter Rest API | Flutter Http Post Request


Here you will learn how to create flutter app with backend with Laravel and PHP. Flutter Rest API use for sign up, sign in, login, logout with post, get HTTP request based on laravel admin panel based on PHP. This works a s web backend as well. This backend is done using PHP Laravel Framework.

Learn about Dart List and Map

Check out the link for common error solutions in laravel admin panel

Advanced Complete Backend

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In this flutter tutorial, you will learn the below things
1. Flutter login page
2. Flutter login page UI design,
3. Login flutter with laravel
4. Flutter laravel sign up page or register page
5. Flutter HTTP get request
6. Flutter HTTP post request
7. Flutter backend with database
8. Flutter tutorials with laravel API
9. Fetch data from server or database MySQL
10. Flutter image upload
11. Flutter HTTP fetch data

Github link for starter code for flutter app and backend

Laravel admin install command line

Check out the how to install the laravel admin panel step by step in 25 minutes

We covered the below main topics
#Flutter and laravel login registration
#Flutter and Laravel API
#Post data to the server
#Get data from the server

It’s a replace tutorial for flutter and firebase.

Creation of the API in Laravel, we consume the services with Flutter, initially we log in that allows us to maintain its status, it means that if you re-enter the App you should not ask for the login data, we will surely continue with a CRUD.

Laravel is a web application framework with expressive, elegant syntax,

In this course, you will learn how to create flutter application using laravel framework as backend as Laravel is modern php framework. This course will allow Laravel developers to work with flutter developers together and show you how easy to consume Laravel APIs from Flutter Application.

You will learn how to create Laravel REST APIs from scratch, you will learn all stuffs relating to Laravel also from there you will start building your Flutter application consuming the APIs.

Mobile apps and local databases go well together. If you want to take the relational database route, SQLite is the winner. However, the problem with bare bones SQL databases of any kind is writing queries and then integrating them with your other code.