Flutter Tutorial For Beginners in 3 Hours

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Learn flutter with this Flutter tutorial for beginners 2022. This is the best way to learn flutter from scratch in 3 hours. We start by installing Flutter on Windows and Mac and then you will learn how to actually use Flutter in real life. Every section is separate into different sub video to make sure you can find the Flutter topic later on. This flutter 2022 tutorial is the introduction of the complete Flutter Zero to Hero course available in the description down bellow. If you want to have access to the next 8 modules how to learn flutter, go on FlutterMapp.com. This flutter tutorial is the complete way to learn Flutter in 3 hours. I wish I had this tutorial when I started with flutter and dart. You don’t need to know dart neither flutter to watch this video. Anyone without coding experience will understand this flutter tutorial for beginners. Every flutter beginners should watch this tutorial because it is very structured and super simple to understand. If you want to learn flutter in 2022, this tutorial is the way to start. We will learn how to install flutter and even all the flutter widget basic widgets. You will be able at the end to understand the basic of flutter and this in 3 hours. I hope you enjoy this 3 hours video about how to learn flutter for beginners. This is a flutter tutorial for beginners by Flutter Mapp.

A Free step by step guide to learn Flutter available here: https://www.fluttermapp.com/checklist

Learn Flutter 3.0 in 1 hour: https://youtu.be/C-fKAzdTrLU

Follow the course with the Playlist here: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL82uaKJraAILQVZ0PJQ__jEArFEoKCihr

Flutter courses: https://www.fluttermapp.com/

0:00​ Flutter Tutorial For Beginners
0:17​ Install Flutter – Windows
5:13 Install Android Studio – Windows
8:38 Android Studio Emulator – Windows
14:27 Install Visual Studio – Windows
18:57 Install Flutter – Mac
26:18 Install Flutter – Mac M1
31:18 Install Android Studio – Mac
34:48 Emulator & Licenses – Mac
40:09 Install Visual Studio Code – Mac
43:28 Install XCode & Simulator
45:50 Extensions you should have
47:45 1. Flutter Create
50:53 2. Differences
53:14 3. Run Emulator
56:16 4. Start From Scratch
1:05:15 5. App Bar
1:06:33 6. Debug Banner
1:09:53 7. Body
1:11:50 8. Bottom Navigation Bar
1:18:16 9. Constant
1:19:12 10. Icons
1:21:56 11. Format Document
1:23:46 12. Center
1:25:09 13. Refactor
1:27:04 14. Elevated Button
1:29:46 15. Print
1:31:50 16. Crate a variable
1:34:44 17. StatelessWidget StatefulWidget
1:39:47 18. Select Bottom Navigation Bar
1:45:33 19. Column
1:50:26 20. SizedBox
1:52:36 21. double.infinity
1:54:29 22. Row
1:57:12 23. Button Style
2:00:11 24. Container
2:02:44 25. Conditions
2:05:50 26. Image Network
2:08:35 27. Image Asset
2:12:56 28. Widget Catalog
2:16:13 29 (Part 1). Navigator
2:26:08 29 (Part 2). Context
2:28:32 30. Navigator & solve problem
2:37:51 31. Icons8
2:39:39 32. Icon Launcher
2:45:10 33. Gesture Detector
2:50:16 34. Cheat Sheet (Available with the course only)
2:57:57 35. Split Code
3:02:32 Practical Exercise
3:03:59 Practical Exercise Solution
3:13:31 Next Steps + Full Course

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