How to implement authentication in Blazor Server from scratch

Authentication and Authorization in Blazor Server apps seems to be a very painful topic for a lot of people. However, if explained well enough, it’s actually not that complicated. In this video we start from a blank Blazor Server application and we implement authentication step by step. Goal here is to understand the overall flow of the system. If that’s done, then everything else on Blazor Server authentication and authorization will seem easey.
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1. Intro: 00:00
2. Why scaffolding is bad: 00:23
3. NuGet packages & setting up EF Core: 05:56
4. Register auth services and middleware: 11:29
5. Why is Blazor Server so special? 20:37
6. Adding Razor Pages: 25:10
7. Implement register, login and logout: 33:27
8. Wiring up Blazor Server to support authentication: 47:38
9. Admire Blazor Server Authentication in its splendor: 50:49