How To Create A News Or Blog Website With WordPress

In this complete JNews tutorial, I show you how to create a Blog or News Website with ease. We do the easy stuff. The WordPress JNews theme does the hard stuff. In the intro of this video, I show you what we will cover.

Get a domain and Webhosting:
Demo website:
Jnews Theme:

Jnews Theme Tutorial Timestamps:
00:00 Intro
04:31 Get Your Own Domain Name And Webhosting
11:59 Install WordPress
14:44 Configure Your WordPress Website

22:35 Get The WordPress JNews Theme
25:33 Import A Demo Website

29:31 Create The Homepage With Elementor
44:03 Copy And Paste Demo Content
55:52 Create A Sidebar Using Elementor

59:03 Create An Article / Blog Post / News-item
01:06:50 JNews Plugins
01:11:03 Create A Review Using The JNews Theme
01:21:17 Create Split Posts

01:29:20 Configure The Single Post Page
01:39:20 Customise The JNews Theme

02:16:23 Configure The Header
02:29:40 Configure The Footer
02:36:13 Configure The Sidebar
02:46:55 Configure The Mega Menu

Monetise Your Website
02:54:30 Add Google Adsense On Your Website
03:01:31 Place Affiliate Links On Your Website
03:04:48 Use A Paywall. Let visitors Pay for Premium Articles.
03:06:42 The Website We Have Created
03:09:14 SEO, Writing Posts, WooCommerce, Email Marketing and Affiliate Marketing