I sold my OpenAI GPT Website for $30,000

Adrian Twarog

This last year I designed and developed a Website using React and AI as a SaaS from scratch in just a month, and now I’ve sold it. I was able to make just over $30,000 from the whole experience! This video was also sponsored by APILayer, check them out below!

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For those following along, I build Enhance AI not long ago which went live at enhaneai.ai. The website used OpenAI together with GPT3 to perform code completion and other features like blogging for developers. As a programmer, this was my first proper successful software as a service, and I was able to get heaps of people signed up and using it. I coded it using react, MongoDB, NodeJs, HTML, CSS, JS and lots more. As part of the software development, (which require lots of javascript to work in the end! haha) I found the blogging aspect was the most successful. However additional effort didn’t yield better results.

@SimonHoiberg recommended I check out microaquire and try selling it. And I did! Micro acquire was a cool site and I learned a lot from the whole experience, including how to negotiate a contract, terms and conditions, and lots more!

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