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With an elegant user interface that resembles the ChatGPT app, communication with advanced GPT3 model API, and most importantly, the ability to ask the AI for help regarding JavaScript, React, or any other programming language, giving it code and translating it to another programming language, and much more, this CodeGPT is the best AI-based web application that you can currently find on YouTube.

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GitHub Code (give it a star ⭐) –
Assets –
Styles –

If you’re experiencing 401, 429, or similar issues, here are some potential solutions:
– Proper API key from OpenAI: It’s possible that you are not using a valid API key from OpenAI. You can get an API key by visiting
– Free credits offered by OpenAI: If you are using the free credits offered by OpenAI to use their models, you can check your usage at If you have used up your free credits, you can check the pricing and upgrade your account at
– Proper server deployment: Make sure you use the deployed link from Render at If you are unsure how to deploy the project, follow the steps mentioned in the video.
– After successfully deploying the link, make sure to paste the link in the script file of the client and push it to GitHub. This will allow Vercel to detect and deploy the application properly. Also, please note that the server link used in the Codex repository shared on GitHub has used all of its credits, so it will throw a 429 error and will not work. You will need to use your own server link by deploying it on Render or using another hosting service.

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Time Stamps 👇
00:00:00 Intro
00:02:29 Demo
00:04:54 Setup
00:11:26 ChatGPT Frontend
00:25:58 OpenAI Server
00:39:05 Connecting client and server
00:50:57 Deployment