JetBrains Rider – New Cross-Platform .NET IDE Overview


This video helps you get started with JetBrains Rider ( – the new cross-platform IDE for .NET, ASP.NET, .NET Core, Xamarin and Unity development. Click “Show more” for a table of contents.

0:15 Overview: What is Rider

1:53 Initial setup

4:26 Opening and creating projects

5:49 IDE overview (menus, settings, tool windows: Solution Explorer, NuGet, Unit Tests, Version Control etc.)

10:51 Navigating code (Search Everywhere; Navigate To; Find Usages; decompiling code; navigating between tool windows)

15:29 Working with the editor (code completion, import missing references, code inspections and quick-fixes, code generation)

18:55 Running and debugging (run/debug configurations; debugger UI and options)

22:21 Refactoring (Refactor This, Extract Interface, Change Signature, context actions, Move to Another File, Inline Method)