.NET Maui Apps | Ecommerce -adding items to Cart in MAUI application (Web API, SQL Server & EF Core)


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Hello everyone, welcome, in this video, I will facilitate on how to add item to cart after the user has chosen it in MAUI desktop & mobile application.
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MAUI app development | https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/maui/

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0:00:00 Introduction & review of previous lesson.
0:14:56 Modifying the service to use Dev tunnel link if android else use localhost uri.
0:16:27 Creating custom image control to display images in base64strings.
0:21:30 Centralize all shared models in the C# Library project added.
0:32:36 Creating Cart service thus interface & implementation class.
0:37:43 Registering and creating dependency injection in the settings.
0:37:37 Creating Add to cart method.
0:44:50 Modifying the product list & adding Add to cart button to each product.
0:55:50 Adding item to flyout tab as view cart in settings.
0:56:30 Creating content page with its respective view model to display cart items.
1:15:40 Registering route for navigation.
1:16:06 Registering the view with its view models in settings.
1:16:40 Testing…
1:19:08 conclusion…