Restaurant Food Delivery App Design – React Next.js & Tailwind | Responsive Food Ordering Website

Responsive restaurant website UI design tutorial with React Next.js and Tailwind CSS. React Tailwind project course for beginners.

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00:00 Introduction
02:45 Next.js TypeScript Tailwind Installation
06:00 Creating Pages with Next.js App Router
08:54 Next.js Layout
10:56 Tailwind Basics
14:15 React Tailwind Responsive Navbar Menu tutorial
32:34 Footer Design
33:52 React Tailwind Homepage Design
34:46 React Tailwind Responsive Slider Tutorial
40:11 React Automatic Image Slider Tutorial with useEffect
46:39 Featured Products Design
59:10 Offer Component Design
01:06:38 Category Page Design
01:14:25 React Tailwind Product List Page Design
01:23:27 React Tailwind Single Product Page Design
01:25:48 React How to Calculate Product Price with Quantity and Options?
01:42:24 React Tailwind E-commerce Cart Page Design
01:53:10 React Tailwind Login Page Design
02:00:12 Orders Page Design
02:06:53 Outro