C# Async / Await – Make your app more responsive and faster with asynchronous programming


Asynchronous programming can be intimidating. What is even worse is when you think you learned how to do something and then you try it in your application, and it doesn’t work. This video is an attempt to fix all of that. In it, you will see how to use the async and await keywords to make your user interface more responsive and to speed up your code’s operation. You will also see how to turn an existing method from being synchronous to asynchronous. Along the way, we will cover best practices and how to make sure our application behaves like we expect after we make a part of it asynchronous.

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0:00 – Intro
2:23 – Demo application walk-through
4:33 – Code behind the demo application: Synchronous operation
10:36 – Creating Async Task
22:39 – Creating Parallel Async
30:51 – Recap
33:00 – Wrapping method in Task.Run() vs Async method call
35:42 – Summary