Learn React In 30 Minutes

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Full React Course: https://courses.webdevsimplified.com/learn-react-today

In this video I will be covering all of the basics of React in only 30 minutes. We will cover create-react-app, components, state, props, rendering, event handling, and so much more. By the end of this video you will have a full understanding of the basics of React, but if you want to take your React knowledge to the next level checkout my full React course linked above for the best React learning experience on the web.

📚 Materials/References:

How To Install Node.js: https://youtu.be/VShtPwEkDD0
Destructoring Video: https://youtu.be/NIq3qLaHCIs
GitHub Code: https://github.com/WebDevSimplified/Learn-React-In-30-Minutes

🧠 Concepts Covered:

– React function components
– React hooks
– State management in React
– Prop drilling
– How to use create-react-app

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