Up and Running with Git and Visual Studio with Azure DevOps

Bill Raymond

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Major segments:
00:45;28 – Azure DevOps overview
04:38;25 – Sign up for Azure DevOps
05:31;26 – Create a new project
06:03;15 – Add project to a local git repository
07:27;08 – Publish repo to Azure DevOps
11:01;15 – Create a local branch and make code changes
14:35;24 – Commit code changes locally
15:01;10 – Sync local changes to Azure DevOps
17:42;07 – Make local changes revert them using the History option
20:16;16 – Merge code changes back to the master
21:44;26 – Clone code from DevOps to your local machine (and create a readme.md file)
26:41;03 – Tips & tricks