Blazor Basics: Event Handlers

Just Blazor Programming

Welcome to part 2 of the Blazor Basic Tutorial, and in this video you will learn
event handling and event handlers in Blazor. They are pretty straight forward and any modern framework supports them, and in Blazor they are fairly easy to implement. Dont worry, you don’t need to watch the other videos to engage in this one unless you want a refresher on a main Blazor concept, the topic of this video is focused on how to implement event handling or event handlers in Blazor.

0:00 Intro
0:23 Previous Project
0:34 What is Event Handling?
0:52 Most Important Expression
1:38 In case you dont have your setup project
2:05 Most Popular Key Events Blazor Supports
3:00 Project Start
5:53 Explaining the Expression
6:30 Explaining the End Goal
7:20 OnInput
10:10 OnClick
17:29 Mouse Over Example

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Microsoft Document of Blazor Events