Entity Framework Code First (2021, DotNet Core or DotNet 5)

Video Review

Entity Framework Code First (2021, DotNet Core or DotNet 5) is a quick 30 minute beginner level video demonstrating how to use a code first approach to generate your database with Entity Framework Core. It covers basic use of a one to many relationship, using an enum in your model, generating migrations, generating and updating your database schema from the command line, inserting records with relationships, updating records and querying the database. Entity Framework Core for .Net Core 3.1 is used for the project but the examples are still relevant at the time of this writing using .Net 7. Recommended

Data Vids

Entity Framework Code First from scratch – build a new project and create data classes, then generate the database from your models using Entity Framework (Code First). This video also shows you then how to query the database using EF after you have generated the schema, and up to apply migrations to update/scaffold the database. Examples are in SQL server but could be applied to other similar databases like MySQL.